Mideast Battle Shows Up In Online Photo Contest

from the what-a-waste-of-time dept

MSNBC every year has a “contest” where people can vote on their favorite photograph from the previous year. At the beginning of this year’s contest the leading picture was the photo of a Palestinian boy being hidden by his father moments before he was shot in crossfire. This didn’t sit well with some supporters of Israel who sent out emails asking everyone to vote for any other picture. Palestinian supporters have tried to fight back, but the picture has apparently sunk to sixth place. The article gets some quotes from both sides. The best, though, go to MSNBC who is the only winner in this situation. They point out that they don’t publicize the winner, so it really doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s not really a contest and they never even pick a winner. You can still vote on photos from 1999 if you want.

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