Send Your Kids To Virtual U

from the save-money dept

Here’s a slightly tongue-in-cheek suggestion that you should send your kids to University of Phoenix Online which is one of the few successful online universities. The article actually suggests that you electric wire the kids into their bedroom with Doritos, soda, and Slim Jims and don’t let them out until they complete their degree. The point that the guy is making (if somewhat irreverantly) is that you can get a good education for a very low price. He sees exceptions for kids who might go to Ivy League (or comparable) schools, but says for people at the second tier (who are only there because they didn’t get in anywhere else) there’s no reason to spend all that money (often more than the higher tier schools) when you get just as good an education – and can put all that money into a trust fund. He’s joking, but the difference in price may eventually change the way people view higher education.

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