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Hype Addicition

from the is-it-too-much? dept

An article in Business Week talking about how people are getting pissed off at all the negative reporting that’s going on in the tech world, and some folks are trying to stop it. They claim that just like there was too much positive hype the last few years, now there’s too much negative hype. The article argues that instead of that being true, people have actually just become more skeptical. I disagree. While I do think some people have become more skeptical, I do think that most people are simply jumping on the bandwagon going in the other direction. I’m generally weary of any bandwagon, but it’s certainly easier than looking at individual circumstances and thinking for yourself. However, I also don’t think a “concerted effort” to make people think postively about the tech world (as is suggested by someone in the article) is the way to go either. That certainly feels like empty hype as well.

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Comments on “Hype Addicition”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

Same old cycle

I find it pretty amusing because the general public opinion seems to either be positive or negative just to add variety rather than reality. Their have always been people with crap business ideas and there have always been people with great business ideas. The majority fail and the minority suceed, business is business after all! The original hype caused people to forget that business fail regularly and now the public has forgotten that some succeed and do extremely well (I think I’ll just quitely use this opportunity refresh and get ready for the next boom cycle).

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