Google Screws Up Deja

from the not-so-good dept

So, we just posted about Google buying Deja which certainly sounded good in principle. In practice, however, it’s apparently not so good. They didn’t bring along Deja’s front end and have messed up a lot of things. A lot of things just don’t work (like following threads), it’s not updated nearly as often, and anyone who used bookmarks to follow stuff on Deja have discovered they’re now broken. Bad Google. Bad.

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Comments on “Google Screws Up Deja”

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1 Comment
Poida says:

Deja seems to be in transition...

Did you have a look at
Here is a quote from the *front page*:
“Note to loyal Deja users:
Due to time and technical constraints, it is not feasible for Google to maintain the interface and feature-set to which you are accustomed. We have been working hard to make this beta service available while we transition to a more full-featured offering. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we add the features you expect (including posting and better browsing). “
Sounds to me like they are working on it and they have made it available as beta for the moment because they realise that people still need to use it…

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