Who Needs Telcos For DSL?

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Duffman writes “Can you not read this because your DSL is down again? Residents in Laramie, Wyoming had so many problems with their telco (now Qwest), that they started their own not-for-profit wireless Internet service (buying copper line from Qwest where wireless was not possible). Many residents donated computers to run things, and the prices are now incredibly cheap ($20-30/month for high speed Internet, $125 for a T1). They even provide instructions on setting up your own service at lariat.org. I wonder if communities might start doing this as telco service gets worse? Maybe telcos should start paying more loving attention to their customers.” I had seen this when it originally came out and thought it was pretty similar to a bunch of other “home brewed” options that are out there. I remember in 1997 being offered a chance to be a part of a “home built” high speed wireless network. I turned it down at the time because the price was dependent on how many people signed up – and I didn’t want to risk having to pay $400 for my share if no one else signed up.

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Comments on “Who Needs Telcos For DSL?”

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1 Comment
wonko (user link) says:

Good idea

Today at work the same idea came up. After reading the news about Covad cutting off service to deadbeat ISPs, it occurred to a coworker of mine that we could actually pay Covad or UUNet directly for our bandwidth rather than going through a DSL provider as we currently do, and we’d probably save money in the process. What’s more, we could then get our home DSL lines wired into our office and split the costs even more. We’re really seriously considering this, and it’s something I think a lot of small businesses and even ‘net-dependent individuals should consider.

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