Scour May Rise from the Dead

from the great-service-shame-about-the-lawsuits dept

Centerspan, the company that bought the rights to Scour after it filed for bankruptcy, has recently started looking for beta testers (which I received an email about a few days ago) for their new legal file sharing service. I have to admit that I loved Scour during its brief existence – even more than Napster (after all you could get both movies and music). However, I still don’t think movie studios will buy into subscription based access. What I’ve never figured out is why no one has yet started a Napster-like service in China where copyright laws aren’t really enforced (or some other none copyright friendly country)?

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Comments on “Scour May Rise from the Dead”

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Mike (profile) says:

Opt out

I got the same email. Actually what upset me most was that they forced me to “opt out” of being involved rather than opt in. That already makes me upset with them. Anyway, the whole fun of the old Scour was being able to download movies. If the legal version has any movies I’m sure they’ll either be really bad ones, or you’ll have to pay for it.

Ryan says:

Re: Opt out

Yeah, it was a pretty weird little opt in clause that they added. The only thing that sucked was that even with broadband it took pretty long to download a movie, maybe they’ll offer the equivelent of a napsterised blockbuster, we might have to pay a little (and I would only be willing to pay a little) and then we can download some movies (I can dream can’t I).

doshin says:

alt nap

regarding, “Napster-like service in China where copyright laws aren’t really enforced (or some other none copyright friendly country)”, south koreans use a proggy called soribada ( it can share any file (so long as the extension is .mp3). although its mostly korean songs, there is also a huge selection of international songs as well. too bad the ricky martin to moby ratio is so damn high.

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