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When Gods Fall

from the a-little-dramatic-but-I-just-wanted-to-add-a-little-spice-into-your-tech-filled- dept

Is Vinod Khosla the true power behind the Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers throne? I tend to think you can’t give one member of a team too much credit (and yes that goes for John Doerr, too), so I’d personally say no. However, you have to give Mr. Khosla credit. He’s been pretty savvy with some of his investments and even his flops have at least hit the right market sector (if only a little bit ahead of its time – such as with pen based computers). One peculiar investment of his in my mind is Zaplets. I can’t decide whether it’ll be a profitable company or if it’s just a pre-correction idea waiting to die?

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