Do You Have Your Internet License?

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A thinktank came out with a plan today for children to take an internet proficiency test at the age of 11, before they are allowed to have full access to the internet. I guess it’s fairly similar to getting your driver’s license. To me, though, this seems somewhat silly. First off, using the internet is not like driving a car. Who’s to say whether or not your are “proficient” in using it. Second, why does the test have to be at age 11? Aren’t there younger users who should have access? Finally, all this would do is create yet another huge bureaucracy (the Department of Internet Surfing?) where people would figure out how to cram and cheat to pass some lame test just so they could do a search on Yahoo.

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Comments on “Do You Have Your Internet License?”

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Ed says:

Why not?

Like written driving tests, I suppose this kind of test would end up testing all of the wrong things, like how to spell Yahoo! and so on. But it doesn’t seem like a too terrible an idea in principle. Perhaps the test could be structured like a simulation of an online session; the kid would have to demonstrate proper avoidance of pedophiles in chat rooms, getting out of porn site click traps, etc.

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