Saying No To Your Investors

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A good column from Karl Jacob at about why it’s sometimes important to say “no” to your investors. He points out that early on your investors may have more knowledge and can be very helpful, but as the company matures, the CEO should have a better feel of day-to-day issues – and like a child who is growing up and learns that his/her parents aren’t always right, a company needs to realize their investors aren’t always right. One side note: at the end of the article they refer to as a P2P play, which is playing pure buzzword hype. There’s no way Keen is what most people think of as P2P, but it certainly sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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Comments on “Saying No To Your Investors”

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Phillip says:

Re: Keen still the middle-man

One word: disintermediation. Peer-to-peer cuts out the midle man. acts as both hub for the exchanges and carries out the transactions, thus is still the weak link all server-based models have. With P2P you can knock out as many nodes as you like but the rest of the network keeps on running. Take down the server and their model is shafted.

Ryan says:

Re: Re: Keen still the middle-man

Good point, I found it very dubious how the CEO called his site P2P. He makes a lot of really good points in his articles but I really have to question the viability of his business, it’s basically a question and answer site. Which to be honest in my eyes doesn’t really seem to have a realistic business model (yes I know that people get charged for the call but that’s why people use customer support numbers).

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