3D 3G Technology?

from the wireless-less dept

The airwaves are filling up with wireless data, but now we can relax just a little bit because now we can put six times more information than we thought into the air. But I guess this only works in cities with a lot of tall buildings…?

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Comments on “3D 3G Technology?”

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Duffman (nee Ryan) says:

I could be wrong...

..but wouldn’t this require setting the antennas up in a very exacting array? I mean, I don’t think you could just shoot it off into space and hope it ends up at the receiver, and the possibility exists that you miss a building by just a bit and your signal ends up on the other side of town. When it can be done, however, I think it’s a great idea – I mean, the same idea is used all the time throughout digital communications with time division multiplexing, and just because analog signals can only have two polarization states, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of them. I think I know what I’m talking about here – I’m just starting a class on it now.

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