If You Live To 150 You Can Be A Genius Many Times Over

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Two seperate articles, both found over at GeekPress concerning humans. I thought they work well together. First is a bet among two scientists over whether or not a human born today can live to 150-years-old. Each scientist has put some money into a trust fund and are expecting their heirs to keep adding to the trust fund (if I were an heir, I’d be pissed off). In 2150 if there’s someone 150 years old, the heirs will receive approximately $500 million. If there are no heirs the money goes to the University of the winning scientist. Of course, it doesn’t say if the 150 year old person gets any money. They’re the ones who deserve it. Then, there’s an article suggesting that anyone can become a “genius” in any area of study by working at it for 10 years. I’ve actually believe something to this effect was true for a long time. Of course, if you’re that 150 year old person, you may be poor, but you should be a genius in at least 5 or 6 topics (maybe one of them will be law – so you can sue for your cut).

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