The More Important You Are The Worse Your Email Looks

from the forget-spellchecking dept

Thought you’d look more important if you wrote carefully spell checked emails? Turns out a new study suggests that people who are more important tend to send worse emails when it comes to spelling and grammar. The study suggests it’s because people in power just don’t care. Some others suggest it’s because people in power don’t know how to use computers. All I know is that I’m going to point this article out to all of the folks who have so much fun pointing out my typos…

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Comments on “The More Important You Are The Worse Your Email Looks”

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xxx says:


In my experience this is true, with the obvious exception of memos from people so high up as to still have administrative assistants who handle all of their correspondence. However, I hope it’s a temporary condition. It’s pretty hard to understand what your management’s direction is when they can’t communicate in complete sentences.

unknown, sort of says:

No Subject Given

i think mostly people who are at a higher level are (or seem to be) busier, so they just type fast and don’t do spell check. there are also those so-called visionaries, that just have random ideas that they want to bounce off others, so they use email much in the way others use notepads or napkins.
then again, there are the people who make a typo, and then do spellcheck, and STILL get the wrong word (i.e. “monazite” instead of “monetize”…)

mhh5 says:

Re: No Subject Given

OR… The world is still ruled by C-average students with bad spelling. I thought I remembered some study (I could be wrong) that surveyed CEOs and how they were as students… and found that most CEOs weren’t good students. It’s the non-meticulous people that generally get promoted to higher-levels, the reasoning went, b/c they’re focused on getting the job done, not exactly right. Anyone out there remember that article?

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