Apple In A Good Position?

from the could-it-be? dept

I’ve been accused of being unfairly anti-Apple on these pages, so here’s a nice pro-Apple story for you Mac fanatics. Basically it’s a quick analysis of Apple’s financial position, pointing out that they’re trading at a low variable with a strong product line and good management. That’s still not going to convince me that they haven’t consistently made some very stupid business decisions.

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Comments on “Apple In A Good Position?”

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mhh5 says:

Re: stupidity...

I’m a “mac fan”, but even I agree that Apple has done some pretty stupid things… License clones, then un-license them. Stubbornly make innovative products that lack basic non-innovative features: floppy drives, CD-RW drives, serial/SCSI ports in addition to USB… I’m sure there are other examples. Apple is definitely not a “stable” company. It has mood swings. And it’s probably due to the guys at the helm and their bad decisions. Spin it any way you like, but the record still shows a wildly oscillating business….

Aaron (user link) says:

Re: Another annoyance

This makes no sense to me. Apple should not have introduced new technology because it wasn’t backwards compatible? I mean we don’t expect record players to play CD’s, or LaserDisc players to play DVD’s.
What’s wrong with introducing a new connector? It’s a standard plug AFAIK. I’ll bet Apple would have no problems with someone making an AGP card that supports the new connector, I mean the specs are published.
I don’t see why it’s such a big deal.
Plus the new Macs still have VGA ports on them. This only affects people who want to buy NEW Apple monitors to run on systems more than four months old.

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