Crunch Time For Webvan

from the not-looking-good... dept

Over at they’re gleefully predicting failure for Webvan. While I don’t disagree with the overall prediction, I do think that their reasoning may be a little off. They point out that Webvan has not hit its order numbers to reach profitability. However, the numbers don’t look that far off, and are actually much better than I would have thought. The argument is, though, that in such great economic times, shouldn’t Webvan have been a raging success? Webvan definitely is a different way to shop, and it does take people a while to get used to the concept. Most people I know who use it, love it, and gradually more people have been adopting it. I would be more interested to know about Webvan’s growth in customers over the last few quarters than whether or not they are profitable right now.

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