Flash And Humor Not Always Appreciated

from the geeks-don't-do-flash dept

Flash is not always appreciated. Now their ads aren’t either. Ads promoting Flash in NYC are focusing on the “4% of online users” that don’t have Flash as the scum of the earth. Their VP of corporate marketing says it all: “When you’re dealing with humor, you have to take some risks…. But if we’ve offended the group that married three times and has restraining orders to stay away from all three husbands, then I’ll have to live with that.”

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Comments on “Flash And Humor Not Always Appreciated”

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Ryan says:

Not funny

Macromedia never intended to ridicule any group?whether schizophrenics, poor people, domestic violence victims, or perps?insists Russell Kelban, the company’s VP of corporate marketing.

Believe me, I love off-colour humor, but this is really too much. This statement, though it had to be made, is simply not true. This is exactly what they are doing – ridiculing people who are ‘different’ from their definition of normal. I’m sure there’s lots of middle-aged white male executives without Flash on their system, but I didn’t see a mention about them on the posters. This is simply a case of a company stepping over the line to get the attention in any way it can, then apologizing after the damage is done, but with the general effect achieved. It happens a lot, but it definitely does not need to be encouraged.

Cevera Ciudad (user link) says:

Re: Native flash

You’re taking this waaaaaaaaaay too seriously. Look, if it will make you feel better coming from a Flash user, then I’ll come out and say it. “Its ok. You don’t have to have the damned plugin. People will still hang out with you. You are a good person. We will not pity you, you are strong.” Do you feel better now?

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