Shutting Down Purple Moon And Women Working In Silicon Valley

from the girls-play-video-games? dept

A good article written by the founder of Purple Moon about what happened at the company, what it was like to try to create a video gaming company for girls, and also about women in the workplace in general. It’s an interesting post-mortem on the company that reads quite differently than your standard “why things went wrong” dot com failure story.

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Comments on “Shutting Down Purple Moon And Women Working In Silicon Valley”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

Really interesting

This was a very good story, though I kind of found it talked a bit more about females in business than video gaming for girls, which I would’ve liked to see more about. Getting females to computers is still a lot harder today than getting males, though it’s a lot easier than 20 years ago. I noticed even as a kid that none of my female friends or cousins played games as much as I did – when playing with them, we just did other stuff. If anyone can find a way to crack that shell, as the author says, it will be quite the windfall for them.

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