The Internet Is A Passing Fad

from the get-over-it-already dept

You know that internet thing that you use? Yeah, well, like, it’s a fad, and it’s like totally over already. Get used to it. The internet is now being called a “fad”.

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Comments on “The Internet Is A Passing Fad”

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Ryan says:


I can understand the point made about saturation of users – it was bound to happen at one point, it happens with everything. People are still discovering the internet all over the world, while those who have had it the longest are no longer being catered to like they were when they were the new users. The experienced users also have, well, more experience. It’s not as easy to fleece them or sell them stuff or do a number of things that are much easier to sell to a new user. And just because growth isn’t explosive anymore, it doesn’t mean that the industry is dead. Is the purchase of TVs an explosive industry? I don’t see anyone calling television a passing fad. Just because people aren’t logging on as much doesn’t mean the internet will die – I’ve mentioned before that experienced users just become more efficient – they have a better idea of what they’re looking for, plus they’ve seen a lot of the “other stuff” (read: junk) out there, and don’t need to see it again.

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