How To Name Companies Part II

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What is it about early December that makes people want to write about how to name companies? Last year at this time we had a post about naming companies (By the way, if you started reading Techdirt in the past year, go back and read that article. It’s funny. Really funny). This year, there’s a (not nearly as funny) article about the process that went into changing Andersen Consulting to Accenture. Of course, at the rate companies are going out of business these days, you’ll simply be able to pick up old names at liquidation sales. There’s a business idea for those of you looking for one, by the way. Buy up the trademarks to business names and sell ’em off. Ooops, looks like someone is already in that business (and they even have cheesey background music on their website – that’ll be tough to beat).

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Comments on “How To Name Companies Part II”

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Ryan says:


All three of these articles were good for a laugh. I went and read the older article, then the new one, then had a look at the last site. I agree that a lot of the names sound like crap these days and they all just kind of blend together. They don’t mean anything, and there’s just so many that only a few stand a chance. Personally, I still won’t remember most of them. The last site’s sample catalog looked like a bunch of stuff drawn up with Print Artist or some simple program like that. Maybe I’m getting the wrong impression, but it seemed rather simplistic. Branding is more important than ever these days, but it’s nearly impossible with most non-English (or non-whatever-language) words.

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