PCs Are Destroying Our Families And Our Children

from the so-buy-some-more! dept

Ryan writes “Well, not quite that bad. Two stories dealing with people and interaction with PCs popped up on The Register within the past few days. The first story deals with a British study done by 3com that says that computers cause a lot of fights in the home over who’s using them and what for. 3Com’s solution? Buy more PCs, then network them with the new 3Com home networking kit, of course! The other study says that kids are more prone to the office environment killer: repetitive strain injury. It basically says that the problem is at home when kids sit and play games and surf for hours, of course with bad posture. Can you actually have fun while sitting with good posture? The funny thing is, I was listening to the radio yesterday, and they had a call in show discussing study which said Canadian kids are getting more obese. A lot of callers said that some of it came from more kids sitting in front of the TV, or more increasingly, the computer. I believe it – I was one of those kids for a while.”

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