A New Term For Value Investing

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People have been talking about the digital divide a lot recently, some believe this issue will be solved with more inclusive recruitment policies. I tend to be skeptical of these policies because underprivileged minorities may lack relevant work experience putting them at a serious disadvantage with start-ups that don’t have the time to train employees. One entrepreneur has found a way of bridging the digital divide and profiting at the same time by working with underprivileged minorities and unleashing their raw urge to achieve. He may have just developed a great ethical business.

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Comments on “A New Term For Value Investing”

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Ryan says:

People skills are important

Boy are they ever! If that’s one thing I’ve learned throughout school and on coop work terms, is that you can always find someone who has the technical skills to do that part of the job. The hard part is acquiring the soft skills to PROPERLY managing the people to complete the task and to deal with one another – there still remains some of the attitude to keep information hidden from others (it’s more valuable that way). If we really want to grow, that attitude has to disappear.

Ryan says:

Re: People skills are important

I wonder why soft skills are so difficult to get if you grow up in a poor neighbourhood? I guess it might be that fiercly competitive drive that makes some people distrustful of others.

I totally understand why soft skills are important, I’m involved with business development and in this type of job you need to be finely tuned to the feelings of others to try to put together deals (it’s surprising how few people can truly understand a person well enough to ensure good deal making).

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