The Two Sides Of Medical Info Online

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Two articles in (though, from different sources) about a new study paint an interesting picture about health sites. First, we find out that medical information is popular online. Many people use these sites to find out info about certain illnesses and conditions. However, a different article turns the same study into a privacy issue where people say they don’t want doctors to use internet services. Mostly they’re afraid of who will have access to their medical records. Of course, people might think these are two totally seperate studies from the descriptions. You’d think it would make sense to combine them into a single article.

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Comments on “The Two Sides Of Medical Info Online”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

Privacy can slow down discovery!

I have to disagree, the two are totally seperate issues. One is information gather for patients which is a great thing and the other is the more efficient use of medical information by researchers and doctors using the internet (which I agree with).

I’ll even go as far as saying that I don’t mind my medical history being available as long as my name and contact details are not available to anyone other than a medical professional.

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