An Extra Eye For Driving

from the lazy-drivers dept

Another article about new car technologies that should (in theory) make the roads a safter place. This one is about a camera system that will alert you if you’re driving erratically or if there’s an obstacle in your way. People have talked about such systems before, but it sounds like they actually might be close to becoming reality. What I really want is a system that will handle my road rage for me. If I get pissed off at another car, I want my car to yell at the other car for me.

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Comments on “An Extra Eye For Driving”

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Ryan says:

How about the other way?

Maybe you should have a car that gives you a small shock when it feels your road rage starting to rise. Of course, that might make people even angrier.
One thing which I thought was neat in the article is the idea of adaptive cruise control depending on the speed of the car ahead of you. Too bad it can’t look even further and detect cops, then slow down to the speed limit until you’re a safe distance past…

u2604ab says:

Re: big bro

Mhh5’s proposal sounds almost like public transit. Just sit back & relax while something else does the driving. Why doesn’t public transit catch on? I think it’s the profit motive of the Automakers. See the reference in Buisnessweek above on Greed destroying the dot-com revolution for more of the same…

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: big bro

Public transportation doesn’t catch on because it’s inconvenient. You have to go some place specific to catch the bus or train. You have to follow the schedule. You have to pay a fee each time. It drops you off somewhere which is not exactly where you want to be, and then you need to figure out what other transportation you can take. It’s just a mess. Besides, having to deal with other people is a pain. There’s no “privacy” in public transportation. People like to be isolated in their own cars.

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