Striking Reporters Keep The News Going On The Web

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After never talking about labor issues, here’s a second labor-related post in less than a week. Striking reporters from two of Seattle’s major newspapers have continued to publish news on their own site on the web. In the past, striking reporters have been known to put out their own papers, but the web makes it even easier. After the discussion last week about unions, I’m wondering if some people think that all these reporters should simply be fired for trying to get better wages and benefits. Update: Apparently, there’s even more to this story. The original newspapers are still publishing stories, and they’re also using the web to get more information out. The newspapers are still planning on printing paper editions (though they’ll be smaller than usual), but will point readers to their websites for more complete news.

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Comments on “Striking Reporters Keep The News Going On The Web”

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Ryan says:

The future of papers

Does anyone think some papers might head in this direction as the general population becomes more wired? What I’m referring to is for papers to print a ‘compressed’ edition, with longer articles printed on a web site. I don’t think it’ll happen in the next five years, or really even in ten, (or possibly ever) partly because the Baby Boomers still like to grab a paper and aren’t on-line as much. But as Gen-Xers and younger who grew up with computers and work every day with them grow older and run stuff more and more, might papers want to run more on-line than off? It certainly would save on materials, if nothing else.

mhh5 says:

Re: The future of papers

Or just the reverse? You’ll get more brief summaries like Techdirt on the web, and longer, more-in-depth stories only in print? Papers will start publishing mini-books to cover the complete background of a story… I think the Wall Street Journal is headed towards this, and everyone knows they’re the only profitable online paper….

Arieh Lebowitz says:

How to get info on workers trying to secure union

Just in case you missed this reply “elsewhere.”

A great way to get news on what unionization efforts there are at and for “” workers is to try these two websites:
and for US specific info

as well as trying

and plugging in “labor” and seeing what news articles appear at the top of the search respopnse list, and then doing the same, after perusing the articles, with “union” and then the same with “workers.”

You’d be amased what you’ll find.

The AFL-CIO website as well as

as well as

are all places with worthwhile information.

Please let me know if the above is helpful.
And feel free to share it with others!
>> Arieh L.

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