Execs May Walk Off With Leftover Money

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According to this report, by shutting down while they still had money in the bank, execs may walk off with over $1 million in “retention bonuses”. Yes, this basically means these people will get tons of money for driving a company directly into the ground after being handed millions and millions of dollars. How, exactly, does one sign up for such a job? Because, dammit, I want to apply.

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Comments on “ Execs May Walk Off With Leftover Money”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

Something smells funny here

I mean, you’d think that by Oct. 9, the BoD would have the feeling that things were on the downhill slide. And it sounds like the executives were going to be getting money no matter what happened – the company closed now, or closed after March, or got another $10m in funding, or someone bought them out. Sounds pretty sweet. I mean, they closed less than a month later – you’d have to suspect someone knew something.

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