NBC Still Wants To Put People On Mir

from the but-Mir-may-be-sunk dept

NBC is apparently so desperate to get a television show that compares with Survivor or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, that they’re pressuring the Russian government not to let Mir fall out of orbit – even though it’s been deemed unsafe. NBC apparently thinks that their new reality-based Destination Mir show can go off without any problems despite public announcements that Mir would be allowed to fall into the ocean early next year.

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Comments on “NBC Still Wants To Put People On Mir”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

Grabbing for straws

I think NBC should just move on. Sure, it was a good idea, and it might have been successful, but if the Russian government was willing to put it into the ocean, then I’d tend to agree with them. No offense intended, but I think if any government could make a little more money off a project near it’s end before they laid it to rest without any risk, I think they’d be quite happy to do so (I know my government would love nothing more!). With all the news, though, if I were chosen to go up to Mir, I would turn it down. I could think of better ways to leave this world than in a space station that a government deemed unsafe.

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