eBay Wants To Create An E-Commerce Operating System

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eBay is apparently working on becoming the e-commerce operating system by creating an API that will allow anyone to host eBay auctions on their own website. It’s definitely an interesting idea, and I’ll be watching to see what comes of it. It’s good to see that people are trying to figure out ways to extend the current e-commerce models. In some ways, this is just a natural extension of the affiliate programs originally developed by Amazon. Of course, that’s no guarantee that anyone will actually buy into any of this.

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Comments on “eBay Wants To Create An E-Commerce Operating System”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

What will it lead to?

I think this is a great idea for eBay – I mean, a lot of sites use Alta Vista search engine technology. Of course, there are a lot of terrible corporate search engines out there too – I don’t know if all these, or even any, are Alta Vista, but the point I’m trying to make is that while this could be really popular and have a lot of websites using the eBay API, you could have a lot of bad auction sites out there. How easy would it be to use? Could my little brother just learning HTML plunk one into his webpage for his class? I don’t know if this is a valid concern or not, but it’s just something I thought of while reading the article. I’d be interested if anyone could clear it up for me.

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