Company Based Music Spoofing

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There have been plenty of stories about individuals and musicians who have put up fake versions of music to discourage file traders, but what about a company who’s whole business plan is to wreck file trading by creating spoofs? Apparently, that’s the plan of MediaDefender, and they’ve raised some venture capital to do so. They actually expect record companies to pay them to do this? It’s good to see that venture capitalists are funding companies based on the idea that record labels need to come up with better and more expensive ways to piss off their own customers.

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Comments on “Company Based Music Spoofing”

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MrHappy says:

Signature hash maybe?

So they flood with the name of my favourite song. Oh no! What will I do?

Scour and Freenet already make provisions for including MD5 hashes of content – signatures unique (FAIAP) to the files they represent. Switch file searching from keyword to hash-based and feasability of flooding goes away.

Couple keyword and hash-based searching to community consensus and you flush their VC funding down the toilet with an audible (44 Khs, 128-bit) “whoosh!”

‘scuse me, I’m off to put them on my FuckedCompany list now….

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