How Apple Lost The Educational Market

from the bad-timing-for-a-change dept

Dell has taken over Apple’s lead among schools, and Steve Jobs has to take some of the blame for changing their sales force process in the middle of the summer. Apparently, plenty of schools that wanted to buy Apple couldn’t even reach a sales person. Considering schools were always an area where Apple was very strong, this sounds like it was a huge mistake on Apple’s part.

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Comments on “How Apple Lost The Educational Market”

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Alternative says:


Apple FELL INTO the education market.

Apple has ‘burned’ education 2 times in the past:

1) “Apple ][ forever” Many educators went to bat FOR apple, believing Apple that the 2 line had a future.
2) Newton. Killed Feb 27th. March 4th at educators conference Apple sales people were saying the “Newton is an important part of Apple’s Eeducational product lineup”

1) Sebold 1986 – “Desktop Publishing is an interium market for Apple”
2) NeXT – Lets make a $10,000 ‘education computer’ (And how many cubes or slabs do you know of others having?)

Canning the sales force is not Jobs 1st mistake. He can’t pick markets.

And, given the way Apple treats it customers….why would ANYONE be thrilled about the prospect of buying Apple products?

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