Hacktivism Part 2

from the Bore-vs-Gush-vote dept

If no one sees a hacktvist’s web grafitti, does it really make a sound? It seems that the GOP.org site was replaced by a pro-Gore letter earlier today. It’s probably not going to sway any votes whatsoever, but I liked how the MSNBC article ends with a quote from a Republican spokesperson suggesting this was part of the Democratic party’s bag of dirty tricks.

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Comments on “Hacktivism Part 2”

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midnight4u says:

Very nice hack

I think the person behind this did a great job in getting his message across. At this point most news articles on it also are providing links to the still up hacked page being saved (www.attrition.org). I am guessing that it will have a large number of hits by people whom wish to read what they said. So my hats off to a very good script and writer for just haveing said whats on his mind and telling the GOP. Guess I voted for Gore huh..

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