Consultants Play A Role In IT Disasters

from the overcharging,-underdelivering dept

A nice look at how IT consultants are causing lots of problems for many different companies. Apparently, they tend to bait-and-switch concerning who’s going to be staffed on projects, then overstaff, overcharge, and under deliver. Talk about your profitable business models…

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Comments on “Consultants Play A Role In IT Disasters”

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Spaz (user link) says:

Hey now........


Being a consultant my self….sure, we foobar, who doesnt…. but not on purpose [not my company] ….you have to build a [good] reputation….uh huh, you can make a bunch off of someone but in the long run….where that gonna get you? i believe what is causing it is lack of …exper. in the tech field….and due to lack of exp…this causes all these problems… is this article from the bay area? if so….yup, tooo much saturation….

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Hey now........

Er… Spaz, I’m not exactly clear on how any of that makes this okay. I do consulting as well, but the most important thing is to very clearly state what you are delivering and how you will do so. If there’s a lack of experience, then the people need to be trained, not thrown onto a job where they have no experience and no supervision. If you don’t have enough experienced people to do the work, then don’t accept the work. If you do accept a job then make sure both parties know what the deliverables are.

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