Jay Walker's House Of Cards

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As if Priceline doesn’t have enough problems already. Now, Fortune has taken a deeper look at the inner workings of Jay Walker’s house of cards and it doesn’t look very nice. They try to unravel some of the weird connections between his various companies, as well as explore why three big investors who bought stock directly from Walker before it dropped significantly haven’t been complaining. I have never seen a company go from so much hype (with no criticism) to so much criticism (with no hype) so quickly.

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Comments on “Jay Walker's House Of Cards”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

because it's so easy

Priceline is one of those few companies that had an extremely appealing idea (naming your own price) for the consumer which has always been easy to hype but it also has a crappy business model, selling at or below costs. Both critics and fans seem to delight in it!

P.S. did you notice my change of email address, we’ve just started our rebranding for the ASP. It has taken way too long but it seems that it isn’t only old economy companies that can move slowly.

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