Looking Into The Future

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As per usual Red Herring has released its top tend trends for 2001. Of real interests to me are the sections on biotechnology (which has long been in the Internet’s shadow and is now rising out of it), and wireless technology (I already see it happening here in Europe and it seems the US will follow a similar pattern). In the past their predictions have been pretty accurate but that is probably because they aren’t looking that far out into the future.

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Comments on “Looking Into The Future”

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Ryan says:

Re: Get ready...

Yeah, I seem to remember how it goes. First all the other biz of tech. mags start writing “me too” trends. Then, mainstream biz mags starting writing about future trends (after reading about it for weeks). Then finally it filters down to those, really up-to-date general magazines like Time (Yawn) and is delivered as fresh content! Now, that’s what I call content sydication.

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