Amazon Auctions On TV

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Just because eBay decides to create an auction TV show doesn’t mean that Amazon should follow suit. But, of course, they did, because anything eBay does, Amazon wants to show they can do better. In fact, in signing a deal with Fox, Amazon blocked eBay from a deal they were working on with Fox. Has it occurred to anyone that both of these shows could be quite boring?

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Comments on “Amazon Auctions On TV”

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1 Comment
Clous says:

Ebay Show

Sure, these shows are boring. But just look at HSN. Unbelievable. And the VC’s laughed at the business plan. My intuition tells me the Ebay show could be a big hit. The Amazon show won’t be. Ebay has a natural leverage off of its “community brand”. I think its a good play for them. Television is a very high risk content play, actually, and I think Amazon should be careful here. They might lose even more money.

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