More On Buying Your Way Into The Movies

from the bad-ideas dept

Back in June we posted a story about a new movie project where the actors would get the roles by bidding on them in an auction. It seems that the folks at Wired should read Techdirt, because they just discovered this story. What’s changed is that the main roles have all been filled. People actually bid between $21,000 and $70,000 to be in this movie. It’s not hard to predict how awful this movie will be. What is amusing about this article is that the contest ran into problems due to a law that forbids people from paying for their job. Thus, everyone who won the auction is now a “sponsor” of the movie. Ah… loopholes. I sense a business model, though… Anyone want to bid to be an employee (oh, I mean, a “sponsor” of an employee) at a dot com?

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