Excel and Coffee

from the spreadsheets-are-a-state-of-mind dept

Hey, it’s Monday and you’ve got to learn some new tricks to impress your boss and employees. I always find that whenever I need to put together a spreadsheet it always seems to take longer because I tend to forget the small things, hopefully these tips will prove handy for Techdirt readers too!

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Comments on “Excel and Coffee”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Thanks, very useful tech tips.

Well… considering I have enough trouble keeping the poll updated once a month (I can’t believe I used to do once a week), I think a “tip of the day” is next to impossible without it getting obscene pretty quickly. I think there are plenty of sites that have “tip of the day” or whatever, and I doubt we would be any good at it.

As for that article, I thought it was pretty weak, too, but if some people liked it, then that’s good. Personally, I still think one of the best investments I ever made was in one of those 10,000 page, 50 pound books on everything you can possibly do with Excel…

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