Delete Should Mean Delete

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The New York Times has an article about a judge’s suggestion that delete should really mean delete. As we were just discussing how emailing Word doc attachments could lead to problems since Word saves many editing changes, this seems quite timely. It’s definitely an idea worth thinking about, as he’s afraid that continued litigation will lead to too much self-censorship as people are afraid to type anything that could come back to haunt them at some later date. Of course, there’s the question of whether or not this should be done in the legal system only, or technically as well. There are good technical reasons why delete doesn’t really mean delete, and anyone who’s recovered a lost document knows why.

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Comments on “Delete Should Mean Delete”

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1 Comment
Spaz (user link) says:

Delete...ahhhhh, bad word.

Delete should mean delete? Sure, if you want data gone but then when you need it, it should be in /void or Recycle bin. A good rule to remember, always, *always* pretend that your mother and a cop are looking over your shoulder. Then you won’t do anything wrong. If you don’t mind those 2 ppl behind you, then type whatever you want.

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