Vampires at Napster's Gates

from the life-isn't-fair dept

Napster sent out an offer to record companies. They said they would give them a cut of the potentially huge returns of a monthly subscription fee ($4.95/month). However, as we all know record companies aren’t interested in partnering or giving consumers a good deal. Record companies want to destroy Napster and all other similar companies to prevent copycats and of course continue ripping off consumers (where?s the anti-trust committee when you need it?).

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Comments on “Vampires at Napster's Gates”

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Mike (profile) says:

Not what the record companies say

Of course, BMG says that Napster is lying about this. They claim that they discussed different business models with Napster and Napster’s claims to the contrary are outright lies. While I do think the record companies are acting stupidly, I don’t think they’re so stupid that they really believe they’ll be able to kill all of these systems. They’re looking for a solution… Besides, I really don’t think this is an anti-trust issue.

mhh5 says:

Re: No monopoly here...

I think the record companies want the “fairest” share that they deserve–there’s nothing wrong with that. The thing I think is wrong is that they’re wasting so much time/effort/money in the US legal system. I’m actually surprised that the record companies aren’t threatening Napster with their own flavor of Napster-clones. No one is really that loyal to Napster despite 30M “users”…. I would think the emergence of legal clones would drive Napster straight out of biz. The record companies are just being greedy right now. But what successful business isn’t?

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