Garden of Eden

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It is the largest greenhouse ever built and it will house a whole rainforest within it, not a bad tourist ploy eh? The only catch of course is that it is just a greenhouse and it isn’t a fully working bio dome (which I think would be far more interesting). I wonder why anyone thought up a futuristic theme park with plants being the only attraction, yawn!

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Comments on “Garden of Eden”

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Lindsay says:

Hang on!

Come on you guys, don’t knock it till you know something about it. The Eden project is superb. The site is amazing and gets thousands of visitors even though it is only a building site. The domes themselves are simply gorgeous – yes, I’ve been and I will go again. There is vastly more to it than “just a greenhouse” – but even so what is wrong with a green house? When I go to Kew or the Botanics in Edinburgh I make a beeline for the grreenhouses – they are great. You may not be interested in plants etc., but many people are, particularly in a garden oriented country like Britain.

Ryan says:

Re: Hang on!

Your right Lindsay, sometimes I guess we might tend to overlook natural beauty. My main suggestion is that a green house is a good but that a fully working biodome (including animals and insects) would be much more interesting to the majority of the population. I realise that Britain is a garden oriented country (I’m sure Alan Tischmarsh would want to take a lot of credit for that 😉 but nature is important and to be honest as our population grows these types of greenhouses may be the only way to perserve certain environments. Your right for catching me on my nature blindness. Do you think I should go and check out Kew Gardens?

P.S. For those of you not in Britain, Alan Tischmarch (I may have misspelt his name) is a TV gardener that wrote a (ficticious) book about a garder like himself that became a sex symbol to many women in the UK. Hehe!

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