Response To Apple Troubles

from the so-they-say dept

Sure we could post the news of Apple’s shortfall like any other news site, but it’s more fun to link to quotes of the public’s response to Apples earnings warning. Apparently people are pissed off. Many are blaming the Cube. Having recently watched someone buy a Cube as an impulse buy, I’d say that at least some people are being influenced by its look. To me, though, it’s still just an awkwardly shaped computer.

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Comments on “Response To Apple Troubles”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Jobs ego strikes again.

Kills newton – Spite vs Scully

Releases iMac – attempt to prove that he was right….people want machines all in one with little expandibility. Later, removes fan, to validate his failure with the Apple /// design.

Releases Cube – Attmepts to prove the cube concept (ala NeXT Cube) is ‘cool’ (it may be ‘cool’, but the 20th Annv mac was ‘cool’ too….didn’t sell well)

I’m awaiting Apple to announce that they will no longer support Desktop Publishing – To validate his ‘education makrte’ stance on the NeXT, and to validate his 1986 Sebold statement that ‘desktop publishing is an interim market for Apple’

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