Welcome to the House Napster Built

from the new-inter-structure-networks dept

Napster was just a brief glimmer of some of the potential that P2P networking will bring. The next thing that I believe will occur involves inter-structure networks (yep, it?s a new term I?ve created for describing P2P infrastructure plays). Inter-structure networks will be used for many different purposes but one of the first will probably be using it as a dynamic system for preventing service bottlenecks due to net congestion.

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Comments on “Welcome to the House Napster Built”

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potatono (user link) says:

Distributed File Sharing

Distributed file sharing networks generate a lot of unecessary traffic. Serverless ones like Gnutella especially so. I hope the popularity of Napster doesn’t make people start going overboard on this stuff. The Client/Server/Server List Server system that hotline uses works much better, and allows a higher degree of choice as to whether you want people making requests on your box.

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