Customer Service Sucks

from the to-put-it-simply dept has a long story about just how bad online customer service is. Basically many companies don’t really plan for it, and then when they discover they weren’t perfect, and people do want to contact them – they hide from customer contact. This is not a good sign. I also find it amusing that they use Dell as an example of good customer service. When my Dell laptop broke back in May it took me talking to 9 different representative, many of whom told me completely opposite stories, and then two more months of arguing with them until someone finally came by to fix it. Of course, a month after it was fixed – and three months after it first broke (for no clear reason whatsoever) Dell sent me a completely new laptop (and bill). If that’s good customer service, I’m glad I haven’t had to deal with any of the bad ones. Update: Seems like a popular topic today. Here’s another article about smaller online stores making sure they have good customer service.

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