Info On Websites is Out of Date

from the old-news dept

A new study shows that the majority of companies publish old and out of date info on their web pages. Apparently companies don’t have much in the way of procedures to verify the information they have up on their websites.

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Comments on “Info On Websites is Out of Date”

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1 Comment
Andy (user link) says:

Yes and no...

The survey results are certainly consistant with the company that I work for.

From the article

“No business would allow this information to be published in hard copy form,”

That’s kind of a half truth. No one would send out of date information to a publisher, but then again, I doubt that there are many companies who actively post out of date information to their website. It is the lack of timely updates that kills the websites, and I think that’s a problem that’s almost more likely with printed brochures.
It’s just that there are a finite number of brochures so there comes a point when they have to be looked at again, but a website can be easily forgotten.

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