Does Internet Censorship in China Stand a Chance?

from the maybe dept

A very interesting look at censorship of the internet in China. While many feel that it will be impossible for China to censor the “bad parts” of the internet, this article suggests that for a variety of reasons it might actually be possible. Definitely worth reading. The main argument is that since the government has a close relationship with the business elite, they may be able to create the world that they want – and not let anyone “push the envelope”. Who knows if it will actually work out that way, but it’s an interesting argument following on numerous articles that simply laugh at China’s plans to censor the internet.

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Comments on “Does Internet Censorship in China Stand a Chance?”

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wei ai says:

does yahoo support censorship, and corporate DNS h

As we have all read of the recent actions by the Chinese Government against the major portal sites and it is becomming increasingly clear that the Information freedoms of the Chinese people is being reduced.

What is even more distressing, is the actions from companies such as Yahoo, in signging the “Public Pledge on Self-discipline for the Chinese Internet Industry” as commented on in the article “Yahoo! Risks Abusing Rights in China”

Some questions that should be ask and need to be answered as the rights and freedom of information is being reduced to the people of China are:

– Was Yahoo coerced into signing the “Public Pledge on Self-discipline for
the Chinese Internet Industry”? Did Yahoo know of the ramifications of what
would happen if it did not sign it? Not only that their site would be
blocked, but also that the Chinese Government could and might have
redirected traffic away from the real Yahoo site, to other sites in China,
similar to what it has done with and

– And since Yahoo has signed such an agreement, does that mean that Yahoo
now agrees with the current actions by the Chinese Government against not
only these other sites, but also other potential sites.

– Does Yahoo agree with the systematic blocking of potential competitor
sites? Does Yahoo agree with redirecting traffic from corporate websites to
other similar sites?

Please consider these implications as the Chinese people struggle to live, think and learn about about freedom.

It is one thing for a government to control or censor their own people, they own people will suffer, but then to convince a US company to limitor censor information is incomprehensible. Unless Yahoo already knew and agreed to the consequences, that their website will be shut off, or even more so, traffic redirected to a yahoo like site in china.

Either of these cannot be allowed, otherwise all bets are off with the Internet and security. How can i know that i am really at a company’s door step, and put my faith and credit card in their hands.

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