A Mellower Bill Gates?

from the playing-bridge-and-spending-time-with-the-kids dept

USA Today has an interview with Bill Gates. More interesting, however, is an article they have with that talking about the interview and whether or not Gates has mellowed out a bit. It talks about him spending more time with his family. They also talk with some of the people who know Gates well to get a better impression of him. I’m sure Microsoft PR is happy to such a nice portrayal of Gates.

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Comments on “A Mellower Bill Gates?”

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JC says:

"I'm sure Microsoft PR is happy to such a nice por

Like it or not, Public opinion is in Microsoft and Bill Gates favor. I’m not exactly fond of Billy G., but it’s not like he’s the most infamous man in america right now.

Poll held at the begging of the year had Microsoft’s aproval rating at 87% and Bill G’s rating at 92%.

Fell like a minority yet?

Ryan says:

Re: No Subject Given

I have to admit from a business man’s point of view I admire Bill Gates for being as successful and cunning as he was (and may still be). I think they price their software too high but currently they still have a monopoly in the OS market (I’m currently advising a small start-up that may produce a competitor in the OS market). For all of you linux lovers, yep I agree that it’s great but ask 99% of the population how to use it and they won’t have a clue.

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