A Look at Incubators

from the a-good-idea,-or-where-the-other-guys-go? dept

Fortune has a very good (and long) article looking at internet incubators. For the most part, they come out with a negative review. The article goes through a bunch of “hype” and “reality” pairs of statements to show what may really be happening at incubators. I’ve never been a fan of most incubators. Most investors I know feel that they’re better for “other deals” (in other words, deals that are too weak to get investment otherwise). Also, many (though certainly not all) of the people I’ve met who were involved with incubators were excessively full of themselves and their abilities. People with very little in the way of a track record (and often a track record that showed they were a lot luckier than they were smart) would always go on and on about how they could turn any business plan into pure gold.

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