Intel May Be Interested in AIMster

from the putting-money-where-your-mouth-is dept

This report has shown up everywhere this morning. Apparently Aimster has had initial talks with Intel. That’s about as deep as the details go. I find it a little surprising that so much has been made of this. As far as I can tell, someone at Intel called to enquire about Aimster. There’s no details about how far the discussions went, and so I wonder why Aimster released the news. This is the type of information you usually save until a deal is completed – and with Intel, initial talks are a long way off from a deal. If anything, this is probably just being used to get other companies and VCs interested in fighting each other to get “in” on some possibly non-existant Aimster deal. The scary part is that it will probably work. Maybe I should call up Intel, and then tell the world that Techdirt and Intel have “had initial discussions” even if those discussions were them asking why the hell I was calling them.

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