Donate Your Brain to AI Science

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There are lots of stories about people trying to create artificial intelligence, but here’s a story where someone’s built a basic system and they want you to help educate it. The system is called GAC, and if you go to the site you can enter in your own “mindpixels” which are true or false statements about the world around you. They believe that with enough mindpixels the system will think for itself. And, because this is a dot com era, there’s a company based around this, and for your mindpixels, you can get shares in the company. They even have a referral program. It’s great to see what motivates people these days. Also, I wonder a little how the system deals with “mindpixels” that people disagree about. Not everything is identifiably true or false, though some may feel strongly about things. I know it has a system where other people can agree/disagree with others’ mindpixels, but then does GAC just go with majority vote? Or does it make some inferences based on the level of disagreement?

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Comments on “Donate Your Brain to AI Science”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

Not quite as bright as it seems

I started using the mindpixel site about two months ago and then stopped using it shortly afterwards. It’s a cool idea but pretty tedious to trawl through some of the junk that people tend to put on there. Another problem with the program is that it doesn’t distinguish between lets say a nuclear physicist and a normal person. The problem then arises that only the most basic information is correct with the majority of people, ensuring that the mindpixel stays relatively dumb (at best a reflection of the general internet population without any of their specialist knowledge). Sort of sucks eh?

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