Napster Protest

from the adding-junk-to-the-mix dept

An article in the NY Times about more people (and not just musicians) putting junk songs up on Napster to destroy its credibility. This strikes me as a really silly solution, and just plain petty. However, what will probably result is a much better system for finding music as people try to combat this. Just like when the signal to noise ratio dropped to insignificant on Usenet, and people moved towards more private mailing lists. Maybe there will be more private trading communities using Napster clones.

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Comments on “Napster Protest”

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1 Comment
mhh5 says:

No surprise...

Other than why this hasn’t happened sooner and to a greater extent… There will have to be a way to filter out viruses for file-trading, so I’m sure filtering out junk is not too far from that… Also, library information people have been thinking about this for a long time. How can they archive web-pages and other related materials while preventing “corrupted” links? I think they devised some sort of ultra-redundant storage system that compares files before files get re-written.

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