Napster Opinion Depends on Age

from the or-old-people-don't-get-it--:) dept

A new study suggests that your opinion on Napster depends on your age. Older people tend to think that Napster facilitates theft, whereas younger people tend to be Napster supporters. So, what this means to me, is that Napster just needs to keep this case in the courts long enough until the younger folks move into positions of power.

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Comments on “Napster Opinion Depends on Age”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward (user link) says:


Napster has filled a niche, and filled it in not the most profitable way. The record industry cannot sell what Napster is giving away. They let a niche (internet distribution) become a gaping chasm.
I could not even give Metallica 50c if i wanted to, because micropayments are so far behind.
althought there are some sites like the tipJar (sorry cant remember the URL)

Napster may not survive, but Gnutella, OpenNap, Freenet and the like will survive (IMAO).
Shame and a sense of morality will convince most people to make a small contribution towards band they like, but i the recording industry makes so much money from its current business model the want to avoid changing for a long as possible. (Like my local telecom, who are delaying broadband access as long as possible so they can screw people over with overpriced ISDN)..

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