Bang Bang (You're Not Dead)

from the bring-'em-back-to-life dept

As part of an art show someone has created a first person shooter video game where shooting something brings it back to life rather than killing it. It’s an interesting concept. It would be interesting to see how different people feel after playing the game, as compared to how they feel after playing a standard shoot ’em up game. My guess is they’re not all that different. I think people play the games and get excited about them simply because they’re trying to accomplish some sort of goal by overcoming a challenge. That’s true in both of these games. Then again, I’m certainly not an expert.

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Comments on “Bang Bang (You're Not Dead)”

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1 Comment
Der says:

The worst Quake mod ever?

Ok, so in a nutshell this is a FPS where you don’t move, your targets don’t move, and there is no plot. The fact that you are bringing people back to life is immaterial, this is not a fun game, it’s an artist trying to make a statement without really knowing anything about the subject. There are plenty of fun games which are non-violent, though very few of them are shooters. Thief was a game where you could kill people, but it would have consequences. This is just a cheesey flash demo splashed onto a museum wall.

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